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James Martin

- Hannah Slapper

Hailed by some as a genius, and by others as a psychopath, both sides of celebrity chef James Martin are equally celebrated by your humble reader. Most of you will recognise his chirpy features from Saturday Morning Kitchen Live, the BBC’s hilarious way of helping you ease into the weekend. However, some might have stirring memories of his decade-long gig on Ready Steady Cook. Either way, he knows how to work a sensual sauté, and he has melted both butter and hearts on British TV for years.


-       He loves butter. No, really, loves. Almost every single guest chef on his weekend show tries to get him to cut down. At which point he usually passive-aggressively adds even more softened cubes of dairy goodness.

-       He’s Northern. A Yorkshire-bred burly boy through and through, many of his early successes are based around cuisine from the North of England, and he’s an advocate of using produce from his county.

-       He has strong personal style, which includes a range of striking pastel shirts bought one size too small.

-       He made and decorated his own ‘Mary Berry’ t-shirt to wear when she was a guest on the programme.

-       His perfect Saturday night is spent indoors with his cumber spaniel, Fudge, watching Coronation Street.


-       He collects performance cars. And minis.

-       He was on Strictly Come Dancing in 2006 and actually managed to come fourth.

-       He holds the world record for chopping carrots, managing to peel and cut 22 carrots (over 500g) in one minute.

-       He dated James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli for over four years, and wrote THIS hilarious Partridgesque piece for the Daily Mail about their break-up. As you can gather from the article, he also dated a former Miss England.


-       When he’s by himself he exclusively eats egg, ham ‘n’ chips.

-       He goes out of his way to know as little as possible about his weekly SMKL guests.

-       His karaoke song is ‘My Way’ by Frank Sinatra.

-       He doesn’t like drinking water, only squash.

-       He uses works like ‘daft’, ‘berk’ and ‘naf’ on a regular basis.

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