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Thank blog it's Friday: Frockwriter

Who knows what's going on with the world's most celebrated models? One minute they're stomping divots on a polo field or hanging out at a suburban shopping centre, the next they're the face of Gucci. It's hard to know who we should care about, or where the next Christy Turlington has sprung from.

One blogger who keeps us up-to-date with what's really going on in model land, is the Frockwriter, aka Patty Huntington. Recently she grabbed a scoop from model Anja Rubik, who revealed that she turned down the offer to shoot the Pirelli calendar with Terry Richardson because of his vulgar style. Frockwriter knew Abby Lee Kershaw before she was Karl Lagerfeld's favourite and nabbed the inside word on where Gemma Ward mysteriously disappeared to from those who know.

Huntington is an industry favourite, noted for her honesty and no-nonsense approach. She certainly has a fan in designer Prabal Gurung, who ran a Q&A interview with her which you can read on

Blogging may be a new-ish medium, but Huntington's not new to the fashion commentary. Huntington has been covering fashion for 20 years and is one of the few well-established fashion journalists who laps up new technology, and recognised blogging as the ideal medium for fashion that it is. Alongside her blog she writes for WWD, produces fashion stories for Australian and Asian television, and blogged for major media outlets like and for 5 years.

Huntington's news background is one reason why her blog is worth visiting each day. When you're reading Frockwriter, you know that it's being produced by a real journalist who has checked her sources and got her facts straight. There's no re-hashed or copied content on the site, making it one of the most reliable fashion blogs going round.

Her blog might be seriously good, but Huntington's not serious all the time. She has a healthy sense of humour, a wicked cackle, a colourful sense of personal style, loves a bit of statement jewellery and shares fashion's humorous side with her readers.

Follow Patty Huntington on Twitter and visit

- Melanie Hick

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