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Grey Goose Present Iconoclasts Of Taste

Grey Goose Iconoclasts of Tase - High Res 1 - Resized 100mm
Grey Goose Iconoclasts of Taste

This summer, take your nose out of the 'safe' menu and take a leap into an existential, sensory experience.

Introducing the Grey Goose 'Iconoclasts of Taste' - a revolutionary new concept of palette-expanding, mind-bending culinary excellence. Through a series of events, Grey Goose invite you to enjoy, participate and even create edible masterpieces with their champions of new taste: Ento, Tasha Marks and Dr Rachel Edwards-Stuart. Said champions were all hand selected by an expert panel of iconoclasts in their own right, namely Giles Deacon, SHOWstudio's Carrie Scott, mixologist Tony Conigliaro and chef Nuno Mendes.

Grey Goose Iconoclasts of Taste - ENTO.
Grey Goose Iconoclasts of Taste - ENTO

A few weeks ago Motilo were invited to sample the incredible concoctions from the aforementioned experimental tastemakers. So, let's start with a bang shall we? Grasshopper pate. Yes, this was consumed by us dear friends, and you know what? It ain't half bad. Insects are soon to be a staple part of our healthy diets if the gastronomically experimental Ento have anything to do with it. After realising the lack of sustainability in our current sources of protein, Ento founders Jonathan Fraser, Aran Dasan, Jacky Chung and Julene Aguirre-Bielschowsky had the brainwave that insects are an overlooked form of alternative livestock. Through a series of experiments Ento have come up with some remarkable (and delicious) dishes that are more than worth the hype.

Grey Goose Iconoclasts of Taste- Tasha Marks
Grey Goose Iconoclasts of Taste- Tasha Marks

Secondly, we had the pleasure of witnessing the multi-faceted wonder that encompasses food historian Tasha Marks' edible art concept. After cutting her teeth with the superb Bompass & Parr, in 2011 she founded her own company, AVM (Animal Vegetable Mineral Curiosities), and began her experimental journey into art and food as symbiotic partners.

Grey Goose Iconoclasts of Taste - Dr Rachel Portrait
Grey Goose Iconoclasts of Taste - Dr Rachel Edwards-Stewart

Lastly, here comes the science bit. Dr Rachel Edwards-Stewart's proposition is as impressive as her title suggests. Having worked with Mr snail porridge himself, Heston Blumenthal, she uses her vast academic knowledge of exactly how we process flavour to concoct a host of bold new food combinations, designed to challenge and delight our palettes in equal measure. From caviar and white chocolate to world domination - this is one lady you'll be seeing a lot more of, we're sure of it.

Carrie Scott
Carrie Scott

In order to delve a little deeper into such a unique proposition, we thought it best to have a word with one the prestigious members of the judging panel, the utterly charming and always interesting Carrie Scott:


CS: Hi! Hi! Hi!

M: Hi!

CS: Good to see you how are you?

M: We're good how are you?

CS: I basically feel like a drug mule. This evening i'm taking this solid gold sculpture that we made to Hong Kong.

M: Jetlag Julie.

CS: Exactly. I'm there till Friday, so actually think it's perfect as I won't have time to be jetlagged. ANYWAY. So, Grey Goose!

M: Fun! The stuff is amazing!

CS: It was such an amazing project to be part of. Because everyone, and I know I'm not supposed to talk about the nominees, but every single nomination that was put in was awesome. Like, so super exciting. And so at every turn you're a bit like 'wow' - you sort of want all of them to get in.

M: Do you have a favourite? Was it like choosing between children?

CS: I do, but mine is so obvious. Tasha Marks, she's amazing.

M: Do you think you'd work together, to do something?

CS: I'd love to, I'd love to.

M: What was the big draw in terms of getting involved with this project in the first place?

CS: Well obviously I was honoured to be asked. To be identified as an iconoclast is super nice. And then of course I spend so much of my time looking at younger artists, it was nice to branch out. And my husband is a very frustrated restauranteur, well, he would like to be, so we spend our lives going to the newest places, and I've got lots of friends in that world. But it was just exciting to see people going beyond doing a traditional restaurant. There are people doing amazingly avant guard things, and they're babies!

M: The talent there, and the sheer train of thought…

CS: Right! And these as ideas, are the kind've ideas that you think 'that's annoying' because someone really should have thought of or come up with ages ago. Like wheatgrass, they could've very easily been like, 'and crickets'.

M: We think it's going to take off...

CS: I do too, big time.

M: Absolutely, we think people are game for it. And what do you see yourself doing with the project in the future? Do you see yourself collaborating together or…?

CS: I hope so, I really hope so. I mean Tasha, definitely, I'd love to be able to do something big with her. You know we've now got the revolving cabinet [in the SHOWstudios], so I keep thinking if there's a way to turn that into a foodie cabinet of curiosities which would be really cool. We're trying to get a ladder built so you can like explore them, but at the minute some of the places are too high. So once we get that then I think it'd be an opportunity to have it be a bit more interactive and have people go in and get stuff.

M: Or even edible clothing?

CS: Yeah right!

M: And which of the iconoclasts do you see yourself partaking in the most? From an entertainment point of view? Do you think you're up for the insects? Or…?

CS: I'm totally weird. I'm pregnant right now so it's super annoying that I can't eat the weird stuff I normally do.

M: What are your cravings?

CS: Oh god. Salt! Anything salty.

M: Were there any fights when you were choosing the winners?

CS: It was a bit hilarious because I was like 'oh its the boys against the girls, it's completely unfair' it's always the way. But their response to that was that two women are getting in and only one guy so I had to shut up about that.

Explore the Grey Goose Iconoclasts of Taste concept further to see just how you can experience it at

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