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Seeing as the weather has decided to slump back into a surly Autumnal attitude, many of us are finally packing our bags and flying off to more kindly climates. Enough is enough. How on earth are we going to get through the Summer if we don't have a single smidgen of sun to look forward to? This is what we use to justify spending hundreds of pounds on a last minute flight to Florida, Florence or Fuji. If you're off on an impromptu vacation, then here's an edit of absolute essentials to ensure your trip is sensationally stylish.


Styling by Rebecca Corbin-Murray

1. Mulberry, Luggage Tag; £70,

Don't you think it's time that you stopped using an old red sock as a means of identifying your suitcase? Yes, maybe it does stand out, but everyone around the conveyer belt is judging you. To avoid social embarrassment, maybe this is the year to invest in something a bit more respectable, like this Mulberry luggage tag.

2. Balenciaga, Carry-on Suitcase; £1,625,

The fact that this is a carry-on suitcase basically justifies spending over a grand on a piece of luggage. Why? Because you won't have to pay all those extra hold fees. It's practically paying for itself. And it's buttery grey Balenciaga. What are you waiting for?

3. Celine, Preppy Sunglasses; £279,

If you're taking carry-on luggage, you can only fit a couple of maxis, a kaftan or two, a pair of flip flops and a handful of bikinis inside. So, in order to add a high level of chic to your limited wardrobe, you'll need to have an incredible show-stopping pair of sunglasses. These preppy and gorgeously shaped tortoiseshell shades from Celine fit the bill.

4. Christian Louboutin, Leather-trimmed Leopard-print Calf Hair Document Holder; £595,

Tickets, itineraries, taxi receipts, lists of phone numbers, directions to the hotel: it seems any vacation is filled with floating bits of paper and nowhere to put them. Until today. Yes, Christian Louboutin has showed his genius capabilities once again by creating a handy document holder just for these bits and bobs. Plus it's decked out in leopard print and leather. Parfait.

5. Lisa Marie Fernandez, Isabella Bikini; £308,

For this season, Lisa Marie Fernandez has created the bikini. It's a mix of everything we love: stripes, neon, tribal print and flattering halter cut.

6. Lanvin, Set of Three Printed Cotton Pouches; £85,

Lanvin have created these incredible useful cotton pouches to protect your sunglasses, your jewellery or a pair of fragile shoes. However, the list of things these little bags could contain is potentially endless. From dirty laundry to dainty presents - they will undoubtedly come in useful during your travels.

7. Ojon, Rare Blend Oil Total Hair Therapy; £29,

This luxurious hair oil will ensure you look like you've stepped straight out of a swimwear photo shoot, giving you a healthy glowing shine to your lustrous locks.

8. Lanvin, Straw Hat with Grosgrain Ribbon; £610,

Until you've worn a good straw hat in a very hot country, you won't realise how much you needed it. Sometimes sunglasses just don't cut the mustard, and it's the chic shade you get from a hat which allows you to feel as cool as you look.

9. Globe-Trotter, Special Edition 30” Extra Deep Wheeled Suitcase; £1,135,

A little more traditional when it comes to luggage? This absolutely glorious Globe-Trotter suitcase, decked with deep green and rich brown leather, golden hardware and wheels, has all the efficiency of a more modern looking suitcase, but with a beautiful and unique vintage appearance.

10. Smythson, Croc-effect Leather Passport Cover; £105,

Still one of those people who just has your passport loose in your handbag with no extra protection? What are you thinking? Why waste an opportunity to express yourself and your style? A pop of croc-effect colour should do the trick, thanks to Smythson.

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