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Hathaway faux pas, Lawrence as Miss Dior and Cara Delevingne™

85th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals
Anne Hathaway in her less-than-perfect Prada

- Among the hits and misses of red carpet fashion, there usually shines a single beacon of controversy: the Marmite love-it-or-hate-it dress, the ripped seam, the accidental nipple reveal. The Oscars on Sunday marked the end of this year’s awards season, and as the Hollywood dust settled over the past week, it became apparent that Anne Hathaway’s last minute Prada gown won 2013 Dress With Issues.

As a long-time fan of Valentino, it was almost a given that the Les Mis star would wear a dress by the Italian gown gods. She wore Valentino at her own wedding, and her and her husband spent New Year skiing with Valentino Garavani. The girl probably has a whole wardrobe of Valentino to pluck from.

To make matters worse, Maison Valentino released a smug statement just hours before the Oscars began, confirming Anne would be wearing Valentino couture.

Anne hathaway in Valentino at the Met Ball Costume Gala
Hath in some stunning Valentino in 2010, at the Met Costume Gala

So why did she rock up on the red carpet in Prada? And not particularly flattering Prada at that: avant-garde boning is all very well on the catwalk, but to a bank of paparazzi and viewers at home, you just look a little erm… too cold, love.

Issuing an official apology early this week, Anne explained that despite having planned to wear a big-V gown, she found out “late Saturday night that there would be a dress worn to the Oscars that was remarkably similar,” to what she was going to wear. Rumour is that the copycat dress in question was Les Mis co-star Amanda Seyfried’s wishy-washy Alexander McQueen…

The Prada may have been a dubious hasty decision, made further odd by the backward-worn necklace, but with that gamine hair cut Anne still looked incredible. And she bagged an Oscar too.

85th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals
J-Law showing the others how it's done.

- If Anne and her accidental-Prada were the controversy of Oscars night, Jennifer Lawrence was this year’s Disney Princess. AKA, the one who pulls off the mega-gown without looking like she’s walking up the aisle. She even tripped up the steps to receive her award, cursing as she went, like a bad-mouthed Cinderella.

Describing her pre-Oscars routine as, “I took a shower. That’s what I did. And I got my hair and make-up done,” we get the impression Jennifer isn’t the kind of girl who usually spends her evenings swishing about in Dior couture.

But, oh boy, does she scrub up well. If you thought she looked Disney at the Oscars, check out the just-released Miss Dior campaign shots. With her dark hair (dyed again for The Hunger Games) swept back in a low ponytail, her porcelain face shrouded in a veil, and looking quite literally smoking in the iconic Le Smoking jacket…well, we are speechless.

Hilarious, incredible actress, best buddies with Bradley Cooper, and now Dior icon? We heart Jennifer Lawrence.

Cara Delevingne and other 'it-model', Karlie Kloss at the Motilo and Jonathan Saunders party
Cara Delevingne and other 'it-model', Karlie Kloss at the Motilo and Jonathan Saunders party

- So, what is Cara Delevingne up to? Sorry, we mean Cara Delevingne™. As model of not just this moment, but every moment, it seems Cara is reigning in a little more control by trademarking her own name. We don’t blame her: as the unofficial face of Instagram, ambassador for the work hard/party harder ethos, and the bringer-backer of big eyebrows, there are bound to be a cheeky few attempting to cash in on her success.

The prolific onesie-wearer submitted the registration of her name to the Intellectual Property Office last December, and now officially trademarked she has sole control on the use of ‘Cara Delevingne’ on a ridiculously wide range of products. (Delevingne walking sticks anyone?)

Proving she’s more brains than eyebrows, the 20 year old also recently registered her own company, Cara & Co. She’s hinted in the past that she’d like to design her own collection of onesies, or t-shirts. We can see where this is going…

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