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Whether you're single, attached, married or divorced, most people in the world will be aware that Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Legend says that Valentine was a priest who became a saint in AD 269. He was interrogated by Emperor Claudius II personally for performing Christian marriages, which were outlawed at the time. He refused to convert to paganism and was executed, but cured his jailor's daughter of her blindness, and sent her a letter professing his faith and love, signed 'your Valentine'.

This story was carried down the ages, and it was Medieval poet and author Geoffrey Chaucer who adapted the story into a tale of chivalric and romantic love. He noted that Saint Valentine's day was a time to confess love using notes or love birds, in honour of Valentine's dedication to marriage and true love.

These days you don't have to be on the cusp of revealing your affections to celebrate the holiday. People in long term, long distance and longingly unrequited relationships buy the cards, gaze at the specialist flower arrangements and capsule lingerie collections, wondering if they will be bought them, or have a reason to buy them, this year.

We've decided to bring things back to a more traditional standing, and give women some power for once. Are you in love? It's time you told that person you wanted them to be your sweetheart. Here are 10 loving, sensual, seductive and sweet items you can wear to woo the man or woman of your dreams... 

Top 10 Be My Sweetheart

1. Jennifer Meyer, Gold Sweetheart Necklace; £539,

Give a little hint with a flash of gold at your throat. Nothing says it like the word itself... and the object of your affections will surely agree with such an agreeable statement of fact.

2. Lulu Guinness, Lipstick Red Snakeskin X-large Lips Clutch; £475,

They say your lips are one of the most seductive parts of your body. If some scarlet lipstick isn't going to be enough to grab attention, then why not draw the eye to your mouth with Lulu Guinness' larger than life clutch bag?

3. La Perla, Black Balconette Marchesa Bra; £197,

If you're confident enough with your target to know that you'll be peeling your clothes off at some point, then ensure a cartoon-style jaw drop with a breathtakingly sexy black sheer La Perla bra.

4. Stella McCartney, Heart Bangle; £300,

Get yourself in the mood for love with Stella McCartney's heart bangle. Even if your profession of adulation doesn't go well, you'll be reminded that the heart is both simple and beautiful: easy to heal and full of hope.

5. Tom Ford, Jasmin Rouge Eau de Parfum; £195,

Scent is one of the most evokative ways of getting under somebody's skin. You'll need something that lingers with a caress of carnal promise. Who better for this that Tom Ford and his darkly glamorous Jasmin Rouge eau de parfum?

6. La Perla, Black Marchesa Lace Suspender Briefs with Tutu; £257,

Just as your conquest is getting over seeing your perfectly formed top half in a La Perla bra, you can floor them with some curve accentuating lace suspender briefs. They might be a bit pricey for something will be ultimately be ripped from your body, but the aftermath is worth the investment.

7. Jerome Dreyfuss, Etienne Hobo Bag; £627,

Not interested in making too much of an effort? Subtly show your single status with this Jerome Dreyfuss bag. That bright rose red is the symbol of Valentine's Day, and it's slouchy hobo shape certainly has connotations of that famous heart symbol. It's also useful for storing the many cards you're sure to receive.

8. Delfina Delettrez, Pearl and Gold-plated Enamel Ring; £475,

Again, lips are a great thing to draw the eye. The delicate and yet fun dual lip ring from Delfina Delettrez is made even better with the dainty pearls. Plus, it's never a bad thing to get the person you desire most to start thinking about rings, is it?

9. Lanvin, Two-tone Minaudiere; £1,490,

There's something about a minaudiere that speaks of mystery. You'll be noticed at any cocktail party if you're sporting a dangerously sexy little black dress and this statement clutch bag.

10. Miu Miu, Bow-embellished Bandeau Swimsuit; £145,

For those in a more tropical climate, stand out from the bronzed women in their white bikinis by celebrating your more demure, feminine side. The charming vintage Miu Miu swimsuit will have you turning heads left, right and centre.

- Styling by Kathryn Raphael

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