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York & Albany's Hunting Cabin

Hunting Lodge at the York & Albany
The Hunting Lodge at the York & Albany

Well, well, well - hope you've got your thermals on. Whilst it currently looks as though Lindsay Lohan has sneezed all over our fair Capital, it puts us in the mood for snuggles, cuddles and lots of lovely things. Good timing then, it seems, to indulge in a petite toasty treat. After all, you still need somewhere appropriate to wear all those festive knit pieces you stockpiled in the thousands this season.

York & Albany's Hunting Cabin is a six week pop up 'rural in the city' retreat, and adds yet another stripe of honour to Gordon Ramsay's already rather full dining experience epaulets.

Cocktails at York and Albany's Hunting Cabin
Cocktails at York and Albany's Hunting Cabin

Offering up a plethora of cockle warming cocktails, featuring gin, champagne, boozy hot chocolate and even brewed buttered brandy (yes, we did really just say that) you can get merry and even toast a home-made marshmallow or two whilst cosying on down in Camden of all places. But of course, it is also important to line ones stomach, no one wants a heady amount of drink to lead to a perilous fall on the way home. Luckily, there are a veritable host of cooked-to-perfection bar snacks, or mini gourmet triumphs as we refer to them, on hand to put paid to even the rumbliest of tummies. Choose from duck rillettes, black pudding scotch eggs and even venison sausages - perhaps best to leave your veggie friends off the invite list.

Gordon Ramsay's Hunting Cabin food
Gordon Ramsay's Hunting Cabin food

Another particular highlight has to be the luxurious and wholly British decor that manages to incorporate both tartan and taxidermy without being twee (the hedgehog perched on the bar and fox standing guard at the door are something to look out for).

York & Albany's Hunting Cabin opened its doors on January 10th and shall be in action for 6 weeks. For further information please see:

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