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Although there's nothing quite like the excitement and anticipation of buying something brand new for SS13, there is a mysterious charm and prestige behind investing in a vintage piece. Wearing something that you know comes from a different era, or an iconic season, will highlight its timelessness. Even though fashion can be fickle, there are certain shapes, colours, and garments that will be forever chic. The downside of vintage shopping is how hard it is to find those treasures. If you find it a struggle to secure the best retro purchases, here's an edit of our favourite pieces, available to buy right now.


Top 10 Vintage Buys


1. Jean Paul Gaultier Vintage, Sheer Maxi Skirt; £114,

A sheer maxi skirt is a piece that will forever balance the sexy and daring with the delicate and dainty. It's worn high, like a sleeveless dress, and can be popped over a black bandeau and shorts, a bright mini-dress for a pop of colour, or a bodysuit for something exceedingly brave. Who new one item could be so versatile?

2. Comme Des Garcons Vintage, Ruffle Detail Shirt; £320,

Romantic ruffles are a huge trend for SS13, and imagine everyone's surprise when, lamenting that they don't recognise this very apt piece, you inform them that it is vintage Commes Des Garcons? The best thing is that the dark sultry colour makes it as wearable in winter as it will be in a few months.

3. Patek Phillipe, Clock Silk Scarf; £351,

Bright silk scarves are the bread and butter of a ladylike outfit. The vitality of the green with the exotic golden pattern will make any simple outfit burst into like. It comes from Patek Phillipe, a luxury watchmaking brand, who were inspired by historical clock designs in the creation of the pattern.

4. Lanvin, Vintage Round Hammered Sunglasses; £301,

To achieve that perfect '60s look, it's good if you have a few vintage pieces in there. The authenticity of Lanvin's round-framed sunglasses will give your style a certain flair, and the rhinestone and hammered metal temples will add a touch of glamour and flair.

5. Monika Knutsson, Annabelle Lace Necklace; £609,

This is a totally unique necklace to put a priceless element of elegance to an evening outfit. Tulle used in a 1950's wedding dress has been dipped in gold, ensuring that the delicate folds of lace retain their perfection. The story behind the creation will enchant your admirers as much as its stunning but simple statement.

6. Bottega Veneta Vintage, ‘Intrecciato’ Clutch; £786,

This Bottega Veneta clutch comes in a shade of blue that's highly desirable and relevant, but retains the distinctive 'intrecciato' woven design. It's a great choice for those who want to clash colours or bring out a busy print.

7. Christian Dior Vintage, New Year’s Earrings; £148,

Although we've entered a new year only 23 days ago, it's never too early for some sensible forward planning. Plus, the gorgeous shine of the crystals in the gold drop shape is so irresistible that you could wear them at any time of the year, as long as you had a dress to match.

8. Hermes Vintage, ‘Faco’ Clutch; £1,739,

Every fashionable modern woman needs an oversized day clutch that can effortlessly be transformed into an an appropriate evening choice. Hermes is an obvious choice for something that will look good any time, any place, on any one. Interestingly, although it looks black from the picture, the bag is also a very deep and dark green, giving the leather a warmer tone to it.

9. Yves Saint Laurent Vintage, Rose Brooch; £201,

If you're not a fan of wearing clothes that may have been worn by other people, then accessories are an excellent choice. Add a timeless but historical splash of joy to your favourite outfit by including this Yves Saint Laurent rose brooch. In black and gold, it's guaranteed to go with almost anything.

10. Chanel Vintage, Platform Oxford; £947,

Vintage shoes are a tricky one, but when they're as irreverent as these Chanel heeled brogues, they're basically irresistible. The curved heel gives a wonderful '70s feel, but the monochrome cutouts have a wholly modern look to them. Wear with opaque tights and a minidress to complete your retro look.

- Styling by Kathryn Raphael

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