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Grace Coddington bites back, silent shopping and Burberry babes

Grace Coddington hair

Amazing Grace: a lady to rely on for a healthy dose of fashion realism and soothing wise words. After we got upset the other week when Karl L heaped praise on Alexander Wang, and we pined yet again for Nick Ghesquière, Grace Coddington lifts the Balenciaga legend like a phoenix from fashion’s ashes.
"He will bide his time and come back," she assured this week, while discussing Ghesquière’s sudden departure. "He's too brilliant to just disappear. He's very passionate about what he does. He's not caught up in fashion and celebrity at all.”

Grace Coddington and Anna Wintour
Grace Coddington and Anna Wintour practice looking disapproving.

Of ‘celebrity’, lovely Grace had a little more to say, divulging her personal industry-time-earned opinion on today’s fashion week frow-ers:
"Anyone can be in the front row that the designer deems important enough to put in the front row. I used to find attending the shows so invigorating and exciting... Any old shit can go down the runway and they all sit there and clap."
Finally, somebody brave enough to speak the truth. Shove off bloggers to the standing row; celebs paid to sit there, please leave. Let the editors reign supreme once again. Thank you, Grace.

Busy Selfridges

- It happens to even the most die-hard fashion fans: that moment, while shopping, when it all becomes too much. The clothes don’t fit; your bankcard got declined; an unknown child is screaming; the store assistants aren’t assisting you/won’t stop assisting you, even though you’re “just looking. THANK. YOU.” When you wish all was just…quiet. Aw.
Selfridges have clearly had one to many frazzled shoppers in their time, as in the new year they will launch the answer to our shopping nightmares. No Noise, a silent shopping area, will sit peacefully within the behemoth store’s Ultralounge.

Crowded christmas sales
You'll never have to battle your way through this again!

Solace-seeking shoppers will be asked to leave their shoes and mobile phones at the door, and are welcome to indulge in a little meditation while they ponder that new bag. In line with the white noise and over-stimulation free experience, a Quiet Shop within No Noise will display ‘de-branded products.’ To promote, you know, considered shopping.
After the hell that is Oxford Street over the month of December, we can’t imagine anything more soothing than a little shopping in silence come January. Zzzz.

Romeo Beckham in Burberry campaign
A winning smile if ever we've seen one.

- Lastly: Burberry. Must they find every beautiful person on this planet and stick them in a trench? Not only do we want the trench, we want the hair, those eyes, and that fake-advertising-campaign boyfriend in Eddie Redmayne…
And after the launch this week of the new Spring/Summer 13 campaign, we’d quite like our own 10-year-old child accessory too. In particular, Romeo Beckham. He’s basically the new handbag dog.

- Natasha Slee @tashalouises

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