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Chanel show in Scotland, Kristen Stewart red carpet looks & Disney couture

Chanel: Runway - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2012
Kaiser Karl surveys his terrain

-- For several seasons now the fashionable powers that be have been trying very hard to convince us that the lavish catwalk show is in its final roll call. Christopher Bailey offers Burberry to all: literally every vaguely chic celeb going in it’s film-premiere like show, and to the rest (who can only dream of owning a trench) crowded round a laptop screen eagerly watching the show’s live stream.

We all love a fancy fashion film, and to be honest, would we mind if fashion did embrace this medium? No more fashion week scrums, feelings of dejection on the third row, or desperate days running from one show to the next. Just imagine: we could all watch the shows in our sweatpants and hoodies, at home.

Perhaps Karl Lagerfeld foresaw this vision of comfort/laziness, was sickened to his very monochrome core, and pledged to save us all. Because his next Chanel show, the admittedly often elaborate Métiers d’Arts show, is catwalk show to the power of fifty. From wind farms, to icy apocalypses and smouldering burnt forests, Lord Lagerfeld has never been one for the standard white raised runway, putting Chanel-clad models in fantastical settings worthy of the brand’s legendary status. The next show, however, raises Chanel above gimmicky sets to regal realms, for Lagerfeld has secured a space within the ruins of Linlithgow Palace in Scotland.

Overlooking a vast loch and surrounded by beautiful rolling parkland, the 15th Century palace will worthily reflect the stars of the Métiers d’Arts show: ten artisan manufacturers housed under the Chanel Paraffection umbrella, including embroider Maison Lesage and feather house Lemarié. The show will take place on 4th December. Don’t expect a live stream.

"The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2" Los Angeles Premiere - Red Carpet
Kristen does her best Dolly Parton

-- Kristen Stewart. I don’t know about you, but until this week I still had my reservations. How could she do that to poor, innocently gorgeous R-Patz?
Yet in that hum-dinger Zuhair Murad gown at the Twilight Part 2 premiere this week… well, all was forgiven. A girl in nude, sheer lace is a girl after my own heart. So dutifully standing by her man too.

Following that vision the K-Stew love affair was reaffirmed upon reading her love for practical footwear on the red carpet. Always a trainer devotee, from Nikes to Converse and checkered Vans, Kirsten often prefers a flat to a more conventional heel. Yet this sartorial choice isn’t for rebellious, grunge-y anarchic reasons as we first thought. It’s simply to make those hours of autograph signing and self-photo taking on the red carpet that little bit more comfy. Kirsten lamented celebs who are "more concerned about looking pretty in your heels, and so you're walking slowly down the line” urging them to “put a pair of sneakers on.” Sod the red carpet; I’ll be following this advice at all occasions.

disney electric holiday
Disney goes size zero for the Holiday Season

-- It seems both here in London and across the pond in New York; luxury department stores have succumbed to the magically innocent world of Disney. Here, Harrods’ Christmas windows are a vision of little girl dreams: Disney Princess dresses re-designed by ball gown experts such as Marchesa and Roberta Cavalli adorn mannequins languishing in enchanted forests.

In New York, Barney’s has dreamed up a much more fashion-focused affair: Disney have immortalized fashion’s biggest names in a cartoon short screened on repeat on two-storey high screens covering the store’s façade.

The fantasy film, entitled ‘Electric Holiday’, follows Minnie Mouse as she dreams her way to Paris Fashion Week, meeting Alber Elbaz, Carine Roitfield and Daphne Guinness along the way. The best bit has to be when Minnie, Daisy Duck et al. transform into leggy, waif-like models and strut down the runway. Fashion is never better than when it’s fun.

- Natasha Slee @tashalouises

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