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What will be warming your hands this winter?

Christian Dior muff from 1954, by Willy Maywald

Have you noticed how many editorial features and fashion stories at the moment seem to revolve around cheering yourself up? Everyone is feeling it, the drop in temperature, the horrific weather, the many many weeks you have to wait until Christmas, and then the long stretch of time until Spring.

We've had Gianluca Longo giving us some wardrobe inspiration by encouraging us to eschew the black and grey colours usually worn during this time of year. We've also given you some pointers for your winter essentials, and what to wear if you need something cosy and comforting. Now that they are dealt with, let's move onto the practicalities of outerwear.

Once you've got your coat sorted, the next thing you need to think about is hands. The constant battle is obviously between exposed fingers or not. Whether you're into iPhones or Blackberrys, there's no way that a wool-covered finger would ever be able to tap out a text, well, one that makes sense. However if you opt for the grunge-chic of fingerless gloves, you'll end up with frozen hands that can barely move in order to take a picture of the winter wonderland you're walking in, and the simple task of holding a Starbucks becomes a torture exercise.

Then we thought - what gives you the best of both worlds? The answer came swiftly - the muff of course! Back in yesteryear these often fur-clad hand warmers were the premium choice of well to do ladies. Maybe we could help them have a fashion revival for being the perfect balance between warmth and ease of technology access.

To check whether this is allowed, we decided to check in with the three most sophisticated girls that we know. Of course, we're talking about our Motilo Girls: Anna Dello Russo, Sophia Hesketh and Sara Brajovic. We asked:

This winter will you be choosing practical gloves, nostalgic mittens or a ladylike muff?

They answered:

Anna Dello Russo gloves

Sara Brajovic gloves

Sophia Hesketh, Poppy Delevingne, Henry Holland, Karlie Kloss Cara Delevingne gloves

Oh dear, it looks like the muff isn't going to be the popular hand-warmer of choice any time soon. Unless any of you will be wearing it? Or do you have another personal favourite? Less us know by tweeting @Motilo and @MrsMotilo too.

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