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Harper's Hirst, SATC secrets and Carole White's inside info

Premier Model Agency

- She provided the quotes of 2011, now she’s going to divulge all the insider goss. Carole White, co-founder of Premier and the fag-in-hand star of Channel 4’s The Model Agency, is due to publish a memoir.
Why is it that the Premier office, much like any other office – the air blue with expletives, pile of cigarette butts at the door, and a many a ‘dahling’ uttered – seemed so equally chic and hilarious? The constant stream of models helped: Premier has managed Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer and Naomi Campbel in its time. Each newbie model, with their groomed brows and slender ankles, are a slap in the face to the viewer, slumped on the sofa with a third glass of red wine.

Carole White on 'Daybreak' TV Programme
You do NOT want to get on the wrong side of this woman.

Nah, the beauty isn’t the best bit. It’s the bitching. The loud, proud, girl-on-gay bitchiness. From Carole’s “Let’s get this damn straight, we are model agents” to the not so gentle “You’re just not what we’re looking for” aimed at desperate walk-in wannabes.
We secretly loved Carole’s court run-in with Naomi, and tears on-screen were met with squeals from the sofa. We cannot wait for the tell-all book.

sex and the city opening credits
Ironic and iconic.

- We cooed, we lusted, we followed its swish at every episode repeat. But, good god no, we’d never dream of wearing it ourselves. Carrie’s iconic tutu skirt, making it’s cameo in every opening sequence of Sex and the City from that very first cringe-y episode to the final tears, has its place in every fashion lover’s heart.

However, like when you discover your ‘vintage’ skirt with missing label is actually Topshop circa 2001, it has been revealed that The Tutu cost just five dollars, and was pulled from a bargain bucket by Patricia Field herself.

Sex and the City
"I love that i'm the only human being to have been able to pull of this look"

Only Patricia could see its worth, having to persuade the producer Darren Star that pairing it with a braless tank would become the lasting fashion image of the nineties.
The bargain bucket revelation was found in archive footage of an interview with stylist Patricia, and will be shown in America as part of an Emmy TV Legends series.
Pretty tulle icon aside, whether bargain bucket or couture, on anybody but SJP one would look like a costumed six year old. Let’s keep the tutu (and the braless look at that) firmly in the nineties.

Harper Seven Beckham
"Oh Daddy that Anish Kapoor Olympic sculpture is nothing compared to my Hirst"

- In recent days it has been both claimed and denied that celeb-baby Harper Seven (need we add, Beckham?) proudly naps and toddles about beneath an original Damien Hirst painting. The leak has been traced to Daddy David, revealing to Esquire readers that he had a ‘piece of artwork…specially made by a friend.’ Probed at the artist, he uttered possibly the two most loaded words in the art world: Damien Hirst.

Damien Hirst Skull Straight baby skull
Suddenly Damien Hirst's platinum covered baby skull takes on a terrifying new edge

Art dealers have lamented the piece as ‘valueless’ (they’re totes jeal), yet agree its celebrity link will bump up the price for both Hirst and Beckham fans alike.
Although publicists have denied the rumoured existence of a Hirst themed baby monitor, Harper’s nursery artwork seems more likely – unbelievable, yes, a baby admiring her own Hirst, but likely.
It’s thought the piece, named ‘Daddy’s Girl’ features a lilac heart, though in our twisted minds Miss Beckham is cooing over half a calf floating in formaldehyde. Beats yellow ducks and Thomas the Tank Engine, eh?

- Tasha Slee @TashaLouiseS

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