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Who would you take with you to a desert island?

Desert island pro Tom (excellent tan) Hanks had his beloved 'Wilson' - but who would you choose?

One often dreams of desert island distant getaways and crystal seas, but usually with the accompaniment of a bevy of friends or family and regular departures back to civilisation. But what if that idyllic sojourn turned into a seemingly inescapable 'stuck in paradise forever' situation?

With this in mind, there are some tough choices to make. As is de rigeur with a desert island, you are only permitted, for history's sake, a minute number of things/people. In this case, we are discussing the option of just one person to undergo this tropical challenge.

Answers to this question vary dramatically. Some think tactically and look for potential, last resort cannibalistic food sources (naming no names), whilst others seek someone to entertain them with the minutia of island life. The most common denominator however, seems to be that of an amorous nature. Apparently, the world and his wife (and the majority of the Motilo office) think deserted expanse of sand and follow on with, er, sex.

This answer can give a great deal away about a person. A little too much in some cases (one person who shall remain anonymous opted for the fish cooking skills of Mr Rick Stein for example...). Here, the Motilo Girls give us a fair bit of insight into their psyche. So all that remains is the question itself:

This week, editor-at-large Gianluca Longo asks "who would you take to a desert island and why?"

Here's what Poppy, Anna, Sara and Sophia replied:

Anna Dello Russo with puppy

Poppy Delevingne on a desert island

Sara Brajovic on desert island

Sophia Hesketh on desert island

Well, well, well! Johnny Depp eh Sophia? Now he's a (semi) free agent, we'll do our best to see what can be arranged. So the burning questions remains: who would you (dear Motilo readers) take to your very own desert island? Tweet us @Motilo and @MrsMotilo to let us know. We love to hear what you think.

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