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Spice Girls the Musical, Kate Middleton's budget & animal feet shoes

The Spice Girls take to their original positions to celebrate their upcoming musical

- We’ll tell you what you want, what you really, really want. The Spice Girls have reunited, again, to launch a musical based on their nineties hits. Viva Forever! No really, that’s the name of the musical.

Sporty, Scary, Baby, Ginger, and Posh announced the plans on the entrance hall steps of the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel yesterday: the very same, carpeted steps where they filmed the video for Wannabe in 1996. Fortunately that's where the similarities end, as this latest girl power gathering featured no crop tops, sweat pants, or streaky-bacon like highlights. (Remember those?)

While the other rather less successful four held each other and smiled broadly for the photos, Vicky B remained her cool angular self and pouted quietly to one side. The musical, written by Jennifer Saunders, tells the story of a ‘beautiful’ young girl who, obsessed with ‘today’s TV celebrity culture’ takes on fame in a reality show. Overnight success puts strain on her relationship with her mother (cue, Mama) and the friend’s ‘she thought she’d have forever’ (cue 2 Become 1). If the tenuous song-to-storyline links sound familiar, that’s because the musical will be produced by Judy Craymer, of Mamma Mia fame. With the venture set to earn the ladies £5million each, they might just be able to afford one of Mrs Beckham’s handbags.

Kate Middleton has upped her designer game recently, and now we get to see how much...

- How many of us look back and calculate our monthly spend on clothes? Chances are you don’t, and never intend to for reasons of sanity. However, one fashion first lady has to, and will have the figures published for public scrutiny – can you imagine?!

Credit card bills made public - AWKWARD

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate-of-glossy-hair-and-perma-smile to you and me, will unveil the total cost so far this year of her recent penchant for designer garb. The accounts are technically Prince Charles’, who pays for clothes as part of his household budget, that the Duchess requires for ‘work-related’ engagements. Having stepped out recently in Great British designers such as Burberry and Alexander McQueen the figure is estimated to be upwards of £35,000. But honestly, where is the wrong in that? She is our Duchess: she can’t wear Whistles forever. And it certainly makes us feel a little better about our own credit card bill…

Fancy taking a walk on the wild side? No, us neither.

- Imagine: a romantic British seaside walk with your loved one, hand in hand along a blustery sandy beach. You turn around to instagram your entwined footprints, and GOOD GOD you’ve left hoof prints! No, this is not our latest monster-horror novel pitch but a worthily terrible introduction to Canada’s latest footwear offering. Canadian designer Maskull Lasserre has created shoes with soles moulded like animal and human feet, for those bored of leaving dull and ubiquitous tread-marks. Thanks, but no thanks.

- Natasha Slee @TashaLouiseS

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