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Embrace the beat of Motilo's 'Dubstep Heart'

- Cressida Meale

Well, it's certainly been a warm week, and thanks to us it's about to get that little bit hotter. Earlier this year Motilo created something of a sensual masterpiece. The original 'Suspended Desire' was a spectacularly erotic display of the best items our exclusive Valentine's Shop had to offer, but now, in keeping with our seasonal rejuvenation, the video has had a bit of a revamp too.

Watch enthralled as the gorgeous Madalina sways and writhes in time with the throbbing dubstep beats of Darren Leigh Purkiss' track, "The Persian". Whilst we're all about helping you choose the best clothes to put on, this proves there's still plenty of fun to be had whilst taking them off. Join with your friends now, and together you can shop the best of the web. And who knows? Maybe you too can find the perfect items in order to dress up to undress...


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