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Beach etiquette with Tatjana Pesko

- Cressida Meale

Tatjana Pesko is the talented designer, founder and brains behind luxury beachwear brand Tatjana Anika. Experienced in all things sun, sea and sand we decided to have a little chat about her holiday do's and dont's...

1.    Do relax and remember you are on holiday
2.    Do smother yourself in SPF, nothing worse than horrible sunburns
3.    Do lounge gracefully being conscious of what people can and can't see
4.    Do take off your shoes once your feet hit the sand, you look much more graceful barefoot and not stumbling around - and the feeling of sand on your feet is unbeatable
5.    Do enjoy a drink or two or a few…
1.    Don’t spray sand on other people, it drives me nuts when that happens
2.    Don’t block other peoples sun
3.    Don’t wear beachwear that you don’t feel comfortable in
4.    Don’t spray any kind of beverage on anyone
5.    Don’t enjoy too many drinks… It hits you harder in the sunshine

Sara Brajovic and Tatjana Pesko
Sara Brajovic and Tatjana Pesko

What is the worst thing you've ever seen on a beach?
I'm not particularly fond of bits and bobs hanging out for all to see, so when I stumbled upon a nudist beach and saw a lot of everything, I think that could possibly have been the worst thing.

What's the most beautiful part of a woman's body and how do you draw attention to it?
I think there is more then one beautiful part of a woman's body for sure. However, I think the back can be very very beautiful and sensual, so in some of our dresses, we have low backs and cut-outs to highlight those wonderfully curving areas.

Which nationality wears swimwear the best?
Hmm, well the obvious one is Brazil as they are blessed with ready to hit the beach bodies. But it all depends, the Italians seem to have a certain flair when they come to the beach all paraded out and accessorised!

Dana Alikhani, Tatjana Pesko and Zeina Kobrussi
Dana Alikhani, Tatjana Pesko and Zeina Kobrussi

Do you have any tips on how to be more confident on the beach?
Every single one of us has at least one body insecurity and probably multiple general insecurities, and most of the time we are the only ones that notice the flaws we think we have! So my tip is to think about and highlight the good qualities instead of the ones you don’t like.

What's the biggest mistake people make when it comes to swimwear?
Buying the wrong fit for the wrong body type… There are so many styles to choose from that I am surprised when I see women who could look a lot better buy simply choosing a different bikini style top!

What's the best holiday you've ever had and why?
My best holiday is an annual holiday my family and I do, we take a boat from Sardinia and go to the Amalfi coast and then down to Sicily. We always do it at the end of August to celebrate my mothers birthday with friends and family. It is the one real relaxing holiday I have all year where I do nothing and eat and drink to my hearts content. Pure pure happiness! I look forward to it every year.

Tatjana Pesko, Fabiola de Freitas and Princess Nikolaos of Greece and Denmark (Tatiana Blatnik) attend the launch of Tatjana Anika Swimwear
Tatjana Pesko, Fabiola de Freitas and Princess Nikolaos of Greece and Denmark (Tatiana Blatnik) attend the launch of Tatjana Anika Swimwear

Who would you most like to be shipwrecked with?
Tom Hanks' character from Castaway! He seems to know how to deal with the situation well, survive and get home eventually!

Who would you least like to be shipwrecked with?
Wilson, his ball buddy!

Who is the ultimate beach scene Bond girl?
Halle Berry for sure, her body is just perfect and it’s the most memorable beach scene for me out of all of them.

tatjana anika eugenia delave swimsuit
Tatjana Anika, Eugenia Delave Swimsuit; £80,

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