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Felicity Hayward is the next big thing

- Cressida Meale

Felicity Hayward by Miles Aldridge for Ponystep
Felicity Hayward by Miles Aldridge for Ponystep

In our humble opinion, Felicity Hayward is a mere hop skip and a jump away from a Guess campaign, or should be at least. It is hard not to compare this Bury St Edmunds born beauty to relative icons Sophie Dahl and the late Anna Nicole Smith, given her wonderfully bombastic curves and sleepy, sultry gaze. We caught up with this model slash artist slash star in the making to talk shooting with Demarchelier, having dinner with Prince and becoming an ice cream lady.

Felicity Hayward covers i-D Magazine Summer 2012
Felicity Hayward covers i-D Magazine Summer 2012

- We've read that you describe yourself as a 'photographer, artist, archivist and promoter'. Do you see these as separate projects or do they meld into one career? How do they fit together and which would you say is your true calling?

Since moving to London I have tried my hand at everything which has tickled my fancy, I think living in such a busy city you need to keep yourself motivated and inspired. Everything you do will end up merging into one. I don't think I will ever have a true calling, but I do believe I will end up retiring and becoming an ice cream lady at the sea-side.

- You're also a model. Tell us about when you were scouted/spotted and also what your most rewarding shoot to date has been.

I was scouted in a pub in East London by Richard Mortimer of Ponystep Magazine and asked to model as Anna Nicole Smith, shot by Miles Aldridge. After that shoot was published I was asked to join Storm Models. Since then I have moved to Milk Models.

Felicity Hayward by Patrick Demarchelier for Glamour 2012
Felicity Hayward by Patrick Demarchelier for Glamour 2012

My most rewarding shoot has been American Glamour shot by Patrick Demarchelier, I was flown out to his studio in New Year earlier this year, it was incredible! I was also signed out there by Wilhelmina Curve. During the shoot I took a Polaroid with Patrick, he even said to me "We look good together, we should become a couple!" what a little charmer. Patrick Demarchelier is one of the most famous fashion photographers in the world and is happily using plus size models, I think it's a  really good statement to be making.

- How would you describe your own style, and who is your style icon?

I've often be referred to as the modern Jayne Mansfield (who is my style icon) , obviously that is quite a big statement and one which I am honored to be associated with but I would say I am just a sea-side obsessive dreamer with an eclectic wardrobe of old glamour and British trash.

Felicity Hayward
Felicity Hayward

- When you're online, where do you go and what do you do?

I'm usually trying to find a bargain of some sort, updating my own sites or visiting my friends sites to see what they are up to!

My Facebook fan page
My surrogate mother
My wonderful hairdresser

- Your photography exhibitions on family portraiture and gluttony have been critically successful, thoughtful and a little philosophical. Do you have any more projects for 2013, and if so, what have been your inspirations?

That's ever so kind of you! I do have some other little projects but all must be kept in secret for now! I have an intention of carrying on some of my portraiture photography project and will be looking for more individuals to be involved in the future. I am inspired by such artists as Martin Parr, Henri Cartier Bresson and William Eggleston.

- Club nights and music have also been a big part of your career. What was the last thing you listened to that you loved?

I have been ever so lucky to have wonderful people around me, including my partner who wrote this song for me, something that I listen to regularly and love!

- Who should we be looking out for in 2013?

KIN, a three piece band consisting of three brothers, I'm hoping big things will come from them!

- After featuring in many magazines, and writing for some too, you've got a pretty good taste of the editorial life. If you were to start your own magazine, what would it be called, and what would be the major theme?

The Pink Palace (named after Jayne Mansfield's house), it would dedicated to the beauty of women of ALL shapes and sizes. I feel all woman should be celebrated together whether they are labelled size zero, 'regular' or plus-size.

Felicity Hayward model
Felicity Hayward proving that sequins are a girl's best friend

- What do you take with you everywhere you go?

A notepad, a pencil, lipstick and my phone.

- What was the last dream that you remember?

I dreamt Will Smith was my brother, he had grown an Afro and wouldn't let me touch it and I was chasing him around an indoor craft fair full of grannies.

- Who would you invite to the ultimate party, dead or alive?

Jayne Mansfield, Sly Stone, Prince, Anna Nicole Smith,, Bootsy Collins and my grandparents Sybil and Geoff.

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