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Working Girl

- words by Hannah Slapper, styling by Rebecca Corbin-Murray

Working Girl, Melanie Griffith

In 1988 a film came out written by Kevin Wade that inspired women all over the world. It told the tale of Tess McGill, a lowly secretary in an office who uses her wit, imagination and courage to get to where she really wants to be, despite her snobby superiors trying to crush her at every opportunity.

Those lucky ladies...

Aside from the fact that she manages to find love with a truly gorgeous Harrison Ford at the end, it was the sheer joy of the success story that suddenly had a whole generation of young women desperate to get to work and prove themselves.

Melanie Griffith and Harrison Ford in Working Girl
Working the monochrome look

The aspiring actress who played this part was Tess McGill, who managed to hold her own amongst co-stars Ford and Sigourney Weaver and was nominated for Best Actress at the Academy Awards, and won the Golden Globe for the same award.

Working Girl
Strong shoulders for a strong woman

As Hitchcock star, Tippi Hedren's daughter, Griffith was always going to be blessed with natural style and poise. At the time she was the epitome of the modern young woman: ambitious, beautiful, fierce and fabulous. The late '80s had absolutely inspirational stuff on the catwalk - filled with huge shoulders, geometric monochrome, and a full, shameless face of makeup. The best part was the intensely volume-injected hair - flat hair was not an option of the time.

Sigourney Weaver and Melanie Griffith
Even though Sigourney Weaver is wearing lingerie, we kinda feel that Griffith looks one thousand times sexier

Motilo are sensing that, as we discovered from researching what films, music and fashion to look out for in 2013, that women are about to take over the world. Sorry guys, but this is the year when feminism rings true, and the fairer sex become the front runners in almost every industry. Of course, we may be a little biased, but that is our general vibe.

Melanie Griffith in Working Girl
Who knew specs could be so sultry?

So look to the queen of power dressing for your inspirational outfits as we all start going back to work in the new year. Be bold, and wear your tapered trousers with a strong court shoe and a classic white shirt. Show off those shoulders, spritz your hair with enough spray to create a cloud of glowing lustrous locks surrounding your immaculately made-up face. Remember to be as organised as Miss McGill with a new diary, and it doesn't hurt to pop on some smart-looking specs for a particularly important meeting. If we we women are going to be judged for how we look in the workplace, we at least want the outcome to be one of respect, and maybe a little fear.

Working Girl style1. Jil Sander, Cotton Poplin Shirt; £244,
2. Illesteva, Hudson Optical Round-frame Matte-acetate Glasses; £165,
3. Alexander McQueen, Peplum Hem Jacket; £1425,
4. Balmain, Checked Leather High Waisted Belt; £872,
5. Smythson, Stamped Leather Soho Diary; £161,
6. Bumble & Bumble, Classic Hairspray; £15,
7. Balmain, Viscose Crepe High Wasted Trousers; £1006,
8. Jimmy Choo, Abel Patent-leather Pumps; £320,
9. Jil Sander, Nizan Brushed Leather Clutch; £804,
10. Mallarino, Marisol 24-karat Gold-vermeil Hoop Earrings; £280,

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