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Peter Jensen at Hepworth Wakefield

- Cressida Meale

Can you really wear art? That is the question. And yes, once again, the industry that we call 'fash-un' answers in the affirmative. On Wednesday the 27th March Peter Jensen shall be showcasing his highly regarded 'Barbara' SS13 collection in the galleries of The Hepworth Wakefield.

the hepworth wakefield
The Hepworth Wakefield

It's only right really, seeing as the late Barbara Hepworth was the woman who inspired this season's architecturally exciting pieces. Described by Jensen as "bland", in the best possible sense of course, he praises the renowned artist for her "uniform" and tireless work ethic. With her influence taking shape in the form of considered holes and cutaways in everything from hats to dresses and even glitter-spatted brogues, Barbara's use of space as presence is reiterated in a modern context by Jensen, and rather successfully at that.

Peter Jensen's SS13 'Barbara' Collection
Peter Jensen's SS13 'Barbara' Collection

Not only will guests have the chance to experience one of the most aesthetically stimulating salon shows, Peter Jensen himself will be taking centre stage amongst the models in order to talk about the collection as part of Wakefield Art Walk.

Simon Wallis, Director, The Hepworth Wakefield said: “This is an extraordinarily unique opportunity to realise the Hepworth Family Gift within the context of fashion and I look forward to seeing how Jensen’s collection translates within the context of the gallery spaces and among Hepworth’s own work.”

Peter Jensen's SS13 'Barbara' Collection
Peter Jensen's SS13 'Barbara' Collection
Peter Jensen's SS13 'Barbara' Collection
Peter Jensen's SS13 'Barbara' Collection

What To Wear:

Featuring Peter Jensen SS13 Jumper

Booking is essential for this free event: 01924 247360 /


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