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Nude Pregnancy Photos: Yes or No?

Claudia Schiffer naked pregnant Vogue cover
Claudia Schiffer promotes un-safe sex for Vogue Germany

Glowing, in bloom, ripe and resplendent are adjectives often associated with those in their third, sixth and especially ninth trimesters – but nude? Well, that’s something perhaps more akin to the cause of said swelling.

The naked pregnancy shot is nothing new, but its popularity seems to be growing at a faster rate than the bumps so proudly displayed in all their engorged glory. You may have girlfriends that chose to celebrate their voluptuous state in a few classy, yet intimate shots, designated to go no further than the family photo album, but worldwide display via the interweb and numerous (albeit declining) paper stands? That’s summink else.

Annie Leibovitz - "A Photographer's Life" Press Conference
Annie Leibovitz portrait of a nude pregnant Demi Moore sparked the trend way back when

From Demi to Britney there have been ladies without an inch of water retention proving that gestation is as sexy as it is natural for years, without a swollen ankle in sight. What was once a mutually (monogamous) affair is now a global trend, and with HRH The Duchess of Cambridge about to start empiring her lines and glowing from perfectly polished ear to expertly manicured tip, pregnancy is big news.

Britney Spears naked and pregnant for Harper's Bazaar
'Oops I did it again' - Britney Spears naked and pregnant for the second time thanks to Harper's Bazaar

Even KimYe are in on the act. Never backwards in coming forwards, we expect high-octane pre-natal glamour from the West-Kardashian megamix – not to mention the novelty of the front almost, almost, rivaling the rear.

Alternatively, there is a publicized, almost Greer-eque, backlash against the airbrushed, mahogany framed perfection of glossy magazine covered bumpdome. Stars such as Jemima Kirke are blazing their bloom untouched, theoretical warts and all in an edgy, Bushwick warehouse party kind’ve way.

Jemima Kirke naked & pregnant by Richard Kern
Jemima Kirke naked & pregnant by Richard Kern for Vice. Obviously.

Whilst Kirke's candid maternity portraiture may shock (and possibly offend, sorry) some people - is there not merit in her bravery? The comparison between mere mortals and those who inhabit the world of photoshopped promotion of what your life really should be like is becoming an increasingly tired concept, and one that women are rejecting more and more.

To us, however, it all seems a bit of a faff. Why waste such a period of relative freedom from your usual 'look' worrying about what not to wear, when there are so many new clothing options available to you? Flat becomes chesty, bodycon can look earthy and smock is a dirty 'fat day' word no more. Whatever your undressed inclination, why not celebrate this 100% bonafide, biological miracle, and, wait for it, just enjoy yourself.

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