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An introduction to LOHAStyle

- Karta Healy


What do any of those five letters have to do with fashion? Good question.


I will begin by answering questions you may have never asked or thought to ask.

Each week I will bring you discoveries:

- An outfit that matches high fashion with consideration.
- A label that celebrates forward thinking fashion.
- A trend that brings 'earth tones' to the shelves.
- A technique in the sourcing, making and/or supplying our desirables with little onward impact.
- A visible shift in our options as conscious consumers.
- And anything else that attracts my LOHAS' eyes...

The fashion industry's approach is to adorn you, while saving you from any guilt associated with indulging every season. It's better to exercise your choices while voting with your credit card. We can steer the industry to a lighter footprint, eventually.
Some of the most aware, switched on people are working within fashion to transform the process, while still giving us more choices. I hope to introduce you to many of them, and make our support for their work vocal and visible.

There are a lot of key words I will introduce, notions such as slow fashion, closed loop, and lots of acronyms thrown in the mix. Hang with me, as we take the baby steps to evolve together towards a style we can claim as our own.

The integrity of your outfit, and inner sense of self, can guide your eye in the constant refining of your wardrobe.

One who wastes less, wears more, and cares about the planet as much as you do.

See you next week.

- Karta Healy

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