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Beach Rave

words by Hannah Slapper, styling by Rebecca Corbin-MurrayBeach RaveStyling by Rebecca Corbin-Murray

Many people go on holiday to relax, to get away from it all. It's a time to forget the stress of work, to move into a sphere of self reflection and serenity. Rebalance your chakra, that kind of thing. However, there are some people who find the best way to let go of the daily grind is to party hard. Something about dancing all night, under the stars at a Full Moon party in Thailand, will probably evaporate a lot of tension, along with your inhibitions and ability to discern whether another fishbowl cocktail is a good or bad idea.

So, what do you wear to a 48-hour beach rave? You need something light, bright and comfortable. Something that works if a full on monsoon decides to fall, but that can also be stripped of layers in case an impromptu swim in the sea seems on the cards.

The first thing you need is a bikini, and we all know the go-to brand for that is Lisa Marie Fernandez. This Poppy bandeau style gives you enough support, while being intensely flattering at the same time. A good combination. To ensure you're on the right side of decency, for the bulk of the rave at least, then pop over a Juliet Dunn embroidered dress. It's pretty tiny, so appropriate for leggy beach dancing, feminine, and has rave-appropriate neon detailing. If it's getting windy or wet, then you can snazz up your outerwear with some psychedelic tribal print in the form of Athena Procopiou's bold and beautiful kaftan. Also, although it might be fun to do some barefoot sand dancing at some point, you will need sandals for the rocky walk home, and these Alaia ones are both sturdy and stunning.

Now onto accessories, and they need to be as bohemian as possible, so maby a couple of colourful bracelets, from the likes of Lucy Folk or Mathias Chaize. A pair of sunnies is acceptable at all times of day during a rave, so feel free to don some Linda Farrows, preferably this pair to give you a truly rose-tinted perspective. Finally, a Christopher Kane PVC clutch is practically indestructible, and looks like it could be waterproof too, which could certainly come in useful if you decide you want to start tweeting from the ocean.

1. Linda Farrow Luxe, Acetate and Leather Wayfarer Sunglasses; £285,
2. Athena Procopiou, Ikat Queen-print Kaftan; £350,
3. Lucy Folk, Jasmine Flower Braided Bracelet; £55,
4. Christopher Kane, Embroidered PVC Ruffle Clutch; £395,
5. Lisa Marie Fernandez, The Poppy Bikini; £358,
6. Mathias Chaize, Life is Fun if you want it Bracelets; £90,
7. Azzedine Alaia, Diamond Strap Sandal; £765,
8. Juliet Dunn, Neon Embroidered Dress; £188,

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